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The History and Life Work of Bishop C. H. Mason and his Co- Laborers




This little book has been sent forth upon the public, not as a medium, through which I am striving to appear in the public eye to be worthy of great commendation, nor do I seek to invite the praise of the people.  This is an act of most humble obedience, in response to a long continuous request of my friends.  IF there is anything in my life’s work that will be helpful to anyone, passing along this Christian highway, that may serve to give them a great religious zeal or to help them to more patiently consider and bear the burdens of a Christian life, I shall have accomplished my aim.


I shall feel more amply rewarded exceeding great beyond the little stipend that puts the little book in your possession when in after years I shall learn that this little work of experience has been the means of more perfect knowledge of the nature and functions of the Baptism of the Holy Ghost.


Bishop C. H. Mason


From the Beginning of Bishop C. H. Mason and the Early Pioneers of the Church Of God In Christ


The Church Of God In Christ since its beginning has made great strides and achievements in the Twentieth Century.  But, who can forget our beloved founder, Bishop C. .H Mason, who with those early pioneers blazed the trail.  Those pioneers shown here were those whom God had given Bishop Mason, and they were dedicated, faithful, loyal and obedient.  Those with our Chief Apostle established the Church Of God In Christ, that we enjoy today.


COGIC Minutes of the General Assembly 1934-1960


Excerpt from the Forward


While this printing, we will have gathered much of our recorded legislative actions.  These invaluable publications will close a big gap in the legislative records of our church.  As you read this document, I am sure you will enjoy its contents.  I think you will be especially proud of the manner in which our ancestors conducted the affairs of the church.  While they were serious in their deliberations and actions, you will also find that they had to have possessed a great sense of humor.


Elder A. Z. Hall


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